Please tell me how to trust again
Because my heart has fallen
Into the hole punched in my chest
All my goodness has turned to dust
You may have never made a promise
But you still broke someone.

I. [12/09/2014]

Baby don’t you know that anyone can walk away,
It takes a brave soul to look me in the eye and stay
And baby don’t you know that even on my best day,
I’m just putting on a good face to hide the pain.
And my life is just a long list of broken promises
It’s been years since I last tallied up the losses
I’m not surprised that you’re sick of me
I’m only surprised that we finally agree
I can’t remember the last time I slept
Though when I was younger the last thing I wanted was to rest
Now my days blur from one moment to the next
I never guessed that someday I’d be so blessed.

II. [12/09/2014]

I don’t know if it’s you

Or if I am the source

Of all this nagging doubt

This feeling that clouds

Every moment I spend with you.

I don’t want to regret

Choosing you over him

But it’s hard to feel sure

When I sense that your heart

Still belongs to her.


III. [01/29/2015]

En el va y ven de los seres queridos
siento a veces que se me
es más fácil obtener la muerte
que el caluroso amor
de sus corazones fríos.


IV. [03/15/2015]

And there are those of us

who do not exist,

who never were but

a figment of our own imaginings,

a dream of a life never noticed,

never remembered, never lived.


V. [01/21/2016]

My thoughts don’t just race
they crash together like high speed trains
And the explosions burn me
As memories and fears overwhelm
Any possibility of self control
And my thoughts battle for power;
predators circling a wounded soul
each seeking to tear a piece
of this bleeding heart and devour
the last shreds of love and hope
My thoughts inevitably turn
to the forbidden recesses
of the most painful reminisces
My thoughts don’t just race
they are precipices on which I teeter
There’s no way to go but down
I still hope you’ll be there to catch me.


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