How my anxious brain works

How my anxious brain works: while getting dressed and listening to the news, I am writing an essay in my head. As I sit on the train I write the essay while making a list of emails I need to send once I’m in the office. The moment I get to the office I realize that I left the sweater that perfectly matched my outfit at home, so I proceed to have an internal freak out about the image of my sweater lying on top of my desk, where my cat will probably sleep and fill it with hair, so … Continue reading How my anxious brain works

Jen Quote of the Day – Initial Reaction to First Presidential Debate

“Is Trump having a mental breakdown? I cannot keep up with his ramblings! Clearly running for president is easier than a thesis defence because if I were even 1% as incoherent as that I’d be kicked out!” – Jeanette (on Donald Trump rambling about five to ten different topics in a two-three minute period) Continue reading Jen Quote of the Day – Initial Reaction to First Presidential Debate

Jen Quote of the Day

“A blind determination to save the prestige of personal existence, rather than, through an impartial disdain for its impotence and entanglement, at least to detach it from the background of universal delusion, is triumphing almost everywhere. That is why the air is so thick with life theories and world views, and why in this country they cut so presumptuous a figure, for almost always they finally serve to sanction some wholly trivial private situation. For just the same reason the air is so full of phantoms, mirages of a glorious cultural future breaking upon us overnight in spite of all, … Continue reading Jen Quote of the Day

Jen Quote of the Day

“I bite my lip. I’m not sad or pissed off anymore. I miss you. I cry less, I curse more. I remember all the parts of myself that softened around you and let callouses form over them. I’m sarcastic, I can’t take anything seriously, I never say “I love you,” I never let anyone touch me.” – Kaelin Tully, Eight Times I Couldn’t Get Over You, Buzzfeed   Continue reading Jen Quote of the Day

Sleepless nights

I know I need to sleep, know it in the basic instinctual way like having to breathe, eat, blink, and everything else that it takes to keep your heart beating and your brain functioning. But I just can’t seem to do it; sleep. All night my eyes remain open and I find things to do. Hours spent watching movies I’ve already seen without really watching them, reading books whose endings I know, and scrolling through newspapers, blogs, and social media. I am so tired and I need to sleep but my eyes stay open, like their being held apart and, … Continue reading Sleepless nights

Jen Quote of the Day

“It would be illusory to believe that political innocence has been restored, and evil complicities undone, when opposition to them can be expressed in the country itself, not only through the voices of its own citizens but also those of foreign citizens, and that henceforth diversities, i.e. oppositions, may freely and discursively relate to one another. That a declaration of opposition to some official policy is authorised, and authorised by the authorities, also means, precisely to that extreme, that the declaration does not upset the given order, is not bothersome.” – Jacques Derrida Continue reading Jen Quote of the Day

Dear O…

I like knowing what a person is thinking, feeling, doing even before they think, feel, do I hate surprises and no, there isn’t anyone I trust until you everything was scary life was too unpredictable and people far too fickle but you, you I could read like one of my novels the kind where I know the end after reading a page or two I still have no idea who I am but you I know every thought, desire, act was written in your eyes so I knew when you left before you were gone… Continue reading Dear O…

Who owns whom?

Signs your cat is the owner and you are the pet: 1.You get up as much times as they demand to be let in and out of the room. 2. You feed them tiny pieces you go through the trouble of cutting up whenever they stare at your plate of food. 3. You run the faucet for them whenever they feel like playing with water (never mind the fact they have a filtered water fountain). 4. You hold them for however long they desire to stare out of the window (usually 5+ minutes). 5. You let them redesign the household … Continue reading Who owns whom?

How to Manage Expectations: A Defense of Harry Potter & the Cursed Child

  It is difficult to measure the impact that Harry Potter had on my love of reading. I was an avid reader long before my father bought Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone (because I bought it in the United States) for us on a trip to Barnes & Noble one weekend in the fall of 2000. At the time I was in fifth grade and read a book a day, at least. Of course, these were books intended for children, such as A Wrinkle in Time, the Dear America diaries, Animorphs, and Goosebumps (to name some of my favorite … Continue reading How to Manage Expectations: A Defense of Harry Potter & the Cursed Child