Jen Quotes

“If you can’t beat them, you’re not trying hard enough.” 02/22/2016


“Who was the one that had been and gone? Was it truly the man with whom she had shared days and nights or was it, sadly, the absurd absence of a body in which she had believed with blind faith?” – Eduardo Lalo


She was spoiled, but she wasn’t lazy. She knew what she wanted, and because she believed absolutely that she could have everything she wanted if she tried hard enough to get it, she never stopped trying.
– Cecily Von Ziegesar


“When socialists who believe in working within the system cry about Sanders not winning more delegates despite winning the popular vote because of how the system works.” #VoteHillary  – February 10, 2016


“It is both amazing and disturbing that Democratic women have chosen not to cast their votes due to gender in 2016, but voted due to race in 2008 and 2012. Hillary has a better overall record and experience than her opponent then and now, but because she is a woman she will lose. Young women are forgetting that the United States continues to be one of developed countries with the least gender representative government in the world and Hillary is one of the very few women who have dedicated her life to changing that.”


“If the Humanities are what redeems our Humanity, why are they the first to go with budget cuts?”


“That’s why I date guys less attractive than me! It stops them from dumping me when they finally figure out just how batshit crazy I am.” – February 6, 2016