Some thoughts on resistance

When you say “this is what Democrats and liberals need to wake up and fight” what you’re saying is: “It’s ok for women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, access to healthcare, immigrant rights, human rights, policy reducing pollution and addressing climate change, to be axed or put on the back-burner for four years, or more, if it might possibly convince people that my ideological stance is correct.” What you’re saying is: “It’s ok for others to suffer, if it makes them open to thinking like me.” Yes, it is necessary to resist, to fight, to affect change, to educate, to develop new … Continue reading Some thoughts on resistance

“Across the Aisle” Debates #1

Someone told me this morning that a country is rich if its per capita income is high, even if that number is skewed by a handful of people holding all the wealth. He said this with pride in defense of Trump organizing a cabinet that will benefit the wealthiest individuals in the U.S. His argument: even if only a few people are rich, the country as a whole is rich and so this will benefit the country and its people. My response: Please tell that to a starving child. You don’t have to go far because the U.S. has an … Continue reading “Across the Aisle” Debates #1

Thoughts, & Theories: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I am still working on a full review of the film itself, but these are my initial thoughts on many of the new elements introduced in this film and its characters. Also, inferences and deductions on some of the things stated by characters in different scenes.   Grindelwald/Graves and the “revelio” spell – There seems to be confusion, criticism, and accusations of JK Rowling overlooking the rules she has established on the use of disguising spells. It is never stated HOW exactly Grindelwald has disguised himself as Graves. However, if we look back a Deathly Hallows, there IS a spell … Continue reading Thoughts, & Theories: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

How to Manage Expectations: A Defense of Harry Potter & the Cursed Child

  It is difficult to measure the impact that Harry Potter had on my love of reading. I was an avid reader long before my father bought Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone (because I bought it in the United States) for us on a trip to Barnes & Noble one weekend in the fall of 2000. At the time I was in fifth grade and read a book a day, at least. Of course, these were books intended for children, such as A Wrinkle in Time, the Dear America diaries, Animorphs, and Goosebumps (to name some of my favorite … Continue reading How to Manage Expectations: A Defense of Harry Potter & the Cursed Child

Binge-Worthy Summer Series

So, in case there is anyone out there is like me (an underemployed graduate student or recently single lady) and has a little too much time on her hands or is unwilling to venture out in the world and socialise with well-meaning friends, I have compiled a list of binge-worthy TV series. I am currently either watching these series or finished them during this summer break. 1. Peaky Blinders (gangster drama) – So, I confess to never having watched The Sopranos or any other gangster or mob related series because I am a loser or whatever. But Peaky Blinders kept … Continue reading Binge-Worthy Summer Series

The Glass Ceiling: Why Hillary’s Victory Should Matter to Millennial Women

  In December 2013 I graduated with a degree in Political Science, of course I didn’t get to walk in my black gown until May 2014, but I was glad to be done and it wasn’t because I had completed a BA with a 3.97 GPA and been awarded summa cum laude. It was because in the last two semesters I had barely spoken a word in class and developed acute anxiety whenever it came to orally expressing my political opinions. Despite being at the top of my class, I was regularly ridiculed and ordered to shut up by male … Continue reading The Glass Ceiling: Why Hillary’s Victory Should Matter to Millennial Women

Fear the Walking Dead: More Culturally Diverse?

From the perspective of a Latina, The Walking Dead’s spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead, feels more in touch with the current cultural and racial make-up of not only the United States, but the American continent as whole. In the debates on what it means to be “American” we too often (or nearly always) forget that America is a continent, not a country made up on only a part of that continent, and that it is a continent originally populated by the Spanish crown. Therefore, the majority of the American continent is made up of countries that were former colonies of Spain and … Continue reading Fear the Walking Dead: More Culturally Diverse?

Thoughts on the Marvel & DC Cinematic Universes

For starters, as a pre-teen I read dozens of Marvel and DC comic books, though not in any particular order, just as pure entertainment. I also watched all the 90s cartoon and movie versions of the superhero franchises and I have always loved them. So yea, I am a geeky nerd girl at heart and I do know a thing or two about both universes and its characters. I never actually had a preference but lately I can’t help but notice how the Batman and Superman movie franchises (heroes which I adored as a child) are barely, if at all, … Continue reading Thoughts on the Marvel & DC Cinematic Universes

A Millennial’s Review of The Girlfriend Experience

Starz premiered a new series this year titled The Girlfriend Experience following the professional life of a high-end escort. Riley Keough is a second-year law student who just gained an internship position at one of the biggest law firms in her field. From the perspective of a young woman close to her age who is also pursuing graduate studies and attempting to get an internship in a top-notch company, she seems to be living the dream. The first episode begins with her applying to various internship positions and her responses to all the questions are perfectly constructed and rehearsed to appeal to … Continue reading A Millennial’s Review of The Girlfriend Experience

A brief response to Lemonade

Beyonce’s visual album is breathtaking and heartfelt. The latter element is what truly captivates. Seeing a powerful woman, the pop culture queen, in such a vulnerable moment is not only moving, it is empowering. It reminds us that no matter what we accomplish in our lives or the amount of confidence and security we feel with ourselves, the love of someone else is always up to them. There is no way for me to claim objectivity when talking about the impact the music film and album has had on me in the last couple of days. Beyonce’s album echoes many … Continue reading A brief response to Lemonade