Some thoughts on resistance

When you say “this is what Democrats and liberals need to wake up and fight” what you’re saying is: “It’s ok for women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, access to healthcare, immigrant rights, human rights, policy reducing pollution and addressing climate change, to be axed or put on the back-burner for four years, or more, if it might possibly convince people that my ideological stance is correct.” What you’re saying is: “It’s ok for others to suffer, if it makes them open to thinking like me.” Yes, it is necessary to resist, to fight, to affect change, to educate, to develop new policies, to change the current two-party dynamic. But, no, it is not ok to say or even think that another’s suffering is in any way ever acceptable or justifiable. At a time when it is so necessary for absolutely everyone who disagrees with the current administration to unite, instead many criticize others’ forms of resistance. The ones who propose violent make fun of those who do not, those who prefer peace are horrified at the use of violence. The left chooses to fight with one another, to point fingers and tear each other down, instead of standing together. This ability to be critical is what defines the left and I would never suggest that it change, but there is also a need of remembering that we are all in this fight together.


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