Who owns whom?

Signs your cat is the owner and you are the pet:
1.You get up as much times as they demand to be let in and out of the room.
2. You feed them tiny pieces you go through the trouble of cutting up whenever they stare at your plate of food.
3. You run the faucet for them whenever they feel like playing with water (never mind the fact they have a filtered water fountain).
4. You hold them for however long they desire to stare out of the window (usually 5+ minutes).
5. You let them redesign the household any way they want. (Books on the floor instead of shelves? Ok!)
6. You feed them treats whenever they forlornly play with their empty interactive treat toy.
7. You get up to play with them whenever they pounce on you, even if you are in the middle of writing an important email/blog/essay, etc.
8. You let them choose the side of the bed they want to sleep on first and sleep on whatever space they designate to you.
If more than four of these are true, you are the pet.

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