Social Media Pet Peeves

Nothing is more irritating than people who text through Snapchat, except perhaps people who text through WhatsApp because they don’t have an iPhone but they still want to see if you read their message and are typing! I know this is the epitome of a white girl millennial problem, but it really is irritating because it means I have to constantly switch between two-three mediums of communication just to read and type messages (and that’s not counting Messenger because I just refuse to talk to people through Messenger). Snapchat is particularly annoying because the messages disappear after you read them and if you swipe by mistake because you are walking or doing anything else, then you lose the message forever and have no idea we what the person wrote or what to respond. I have some friends who type literal paragraphs on Snapchat! Yes, it is handy that you can message a person through a medium designed for sharing short videos and pictures, but I am pretty sure the messaging capability is meant for “lol”, “lmao”, “cute”, etc. and not a full on conversation! Add to that the fact that my anxiety requires me to re-read text message conversations and analyse them in my head for hours, then the loss of them is particularly panic-inducing. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is just annoying because so few people in my circle of friends use it. So it is just a particular set of three-four people who use it because they don’t have iPhones or live in a different country (I do not the forgive the latter ones because Messenger exists and iMessage works through data or wifi!). Honestly, I just hate it because then I have to constantly check through all my communication apps to check which person uses which instead of going straight to iMessage. I live a hectic lifestyle, searching through multiple apps to find the one a certain person uses is a waste of time. And if I’m texting a lot of people at that moment it can get crazy as I double-click the home button to switch back and forth through apps. Why can’t we all just agree to use text message and stop being such creeps demanding to know when a person read our message and if they’re responding?!


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