Thoughts on Easter and religion

Everyone wants to be saved: that’s the motif of every religion I have studied in some form or another (sometimes through friends or family of different religions or in class as part of research or course readings). Today is Good Friday and I can’t stop thinking about that concept: “salvation”. God sent his son, Jesus Christ who is really God incarnate, to die for us and then resurrect so we could be forgiven for our sins and granted salvation (AKA access to Heaven and God after death). So many things could be said about that: gods incarnating is also a common theme in various religions. But the fact that we needed to be saved, again, and again, and again, and again, throughout the Bible and in throughout human history is so very interesting. It goes back to the image of a scared homo sapiens crouching in his or her cave frozen in terror while a storm raged outside…a need to feel safe, to be saved from the things we can’t understand, to be saved from each other, from ourselves. Why do we need to be saved? Because we do bad things. Such a human concept: bad. And bad things are defined by cultural and societal norms, like religion. It is all so very intricately tied up and all so fascinating. The thing is, I was raised in a very devout Catholic family, so I have that whole Catholic guilt complex: I know the Bible stories like the back of my hand, the ten commandments, what’s sinful and what isn’t, and even though I tell myself I don’t actually believe in the Church, I still fear I am beyond salvation, I still pray to be saved, I am still afraid. Religions are supposed to explain away our fears and comfort us, but the world is changing to rapidly no religion and keep up and with each passing day it feels like there is nothing that could possible comfort us.


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