So Thursdays are my dress up to work day, as in I shower before and not after (before you gag I work four hour shifts in 60 degree temperature office so showering is pointless) and take more than five mins to do my makeup (eg.: I add some bronzer and eyeliner). Today, like any other Thursday, I opted for wearing a cute dress with tights (because officewear rules) and black flats. Needless to say I felt beautiful and took half a dozen selfies before realizing I needed to get a move on or I’d miss my train and be late (again). On my way to the train station, as I was minding my own business listening to some Marilyn Manson and surreptitiously observing the world around me behind thick Ray Bans, a manchild getting into his car saw me and decided to stop whatever he was doing and stare, quite pointedly, and catcalled (didn’t hear because my music is always tuned to drown out sexism but I saw his lips moving and after 26 years in this world as a woman I know the creepy “you are nothing but a hole for my dick” look men get right before catcalling). Due to the fact that I receive at least 1-3 catcalls a day I ignored it, or at least forced myself to. Then I arrived at work and took a quick break to grab lunch. On my way up the steps to the cafe next dooe to my office building a younger manchild was sitting eating pizza. He paused midbite to stare at me and then twisted his entire body around and bent over trying to look up my dress. Let me take a moment to remind you I was wearing black tights and my dress falls well below my thighs! I was very offended and uncomfortable and angered. What would possess any human being to do such a thing?! What would be the point?! I am sure porn videos offer much more to feed a man’s desperate need to obssess over the female body. Why do men think I go out on the world for the sole purpose of being stared at?! I never once consider what men think about what I wear nor do I care. I know to many I am attractive, but I do not really notice it and the way I look is just an afterthought most days. Yet even when I do not go through the effort to look nice I get harassed. Why?! These are not complements! These are threats against my physical safety! These are attempts to scare women off the streets! But I won’t be intimidated! I’ll blast my rock and block you out with my sunglasses as the annoying scum you are and walk with my head held high and the next guy that tries to look up my skirt will by castrated.


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