Spring Semester 2016

It’s about that time of year again…you know, the one where you have to accept the fact that despite your neighbour’s reluctance to take down their inflatable Olaf, the holidays are truly and officially over and the real world, as in graduate school, working every day of the week, and getting back to the gym, has come knocking. Now is when we lament the fact that, despite our promises that we would get ahead on next semester’s readings and investigations as well as finally edit those old research papers so we can submit them to some obscure journal that will only reject it or request a million revisions, all we did over the holidays was catch up on our favourite series or the newest shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. In less than twenty-four hours I have to wake up just a little bit after dawn to do an hour of yoga, have an actual breakfast, clock in four hours, at least, of research for my assigned graduate professor because I have accomplished about 10% of the tasks she gave me last semester and did NOTHING over the break, and then go to the clandestine job I have (due to my RA position being funded by taxpayer money I am not supposed to have a job outside the university even though the stipend is nowhere near enough to live off) as an office assistant for another four hours, followed by a three hour lecture, and then home to begin readings for my independent study and pray the student loan payment goes out soon so I can order books for the semester before the first assignment is due. I can only hope that I won’t be called in to tutor one of my students at the last minute (third job is as an at-home tutor) because then my whole schedule will just go off whack and I’ll give up on accomplishing anything that can remotely be labeled as productive for the day. Alas, this is the life of a graduate student. Or it’s my life at least and I really hope I am not the only graduate student trying to balance three part-time jobs, a full course load, and publish research papers at the same time while maintaining some semblance of a social life and reviving my love life (which went nuclear over the holidays because stress).

Really, it’s becoming increasingly clear that I need to set aside some time for a therapist because Xanax and Adderall might become basic life necessities this year. Or maybe I’m just an overachiever? Probably the latter, but that doesn’t mean that drugs wouldn’t come in handy or that I’m not actually clinically insane. Maybe if you all keep following me and reading these posts you can let me know? Sometimes it really feels like I’m on the break of losing my mind. Or does every twenty-something feel like they have to be in three different places at the same time and have more responsibilities than hours in the day?


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