The National Sport

The time draws ever nearer and already I can hear the campaign trucks making their rounds in my neighbourhood sharing last year’s promises under a new candidate’s name. Just like Americans prepare all year long for football season, Puerto Ricans gear up for campaign season like it’s Christmas; political party flags are strung up, all of a sudden each person’s wardrobe consists of only red or navy blue (with an occasional purple or green sticking out in a crowd) and all day every day all you hear are men and women yelling about socioeconomic problems that will be solved in four years under so and so’s term. Needless to say, I have a profound distaste for political campaigns, political parties, and the political system which allows their continual and eclipsing existence. Party politics have brought nothing but horrible governorship to this small tropical paradise, which has capitalised on the fact that their country’s only selling point is that it’s pretty, since the social and economic systems are utterly and completely broken. Despite billions of dollars of public spending, public education and public transportation here are a joke. Inflation is through rough whilst salaries have stagnated, which doesn’t stop the island’s senators and representatives from approving higher and higher taxes on the middle class and bigger and bigger tax breaks for foreign companies. All of these basic facts of life do not detract from the hype of the quadrennial sport: the election of a new, powerless and corrupt, governor and over paid representatives. Is this a good time to point out that nearly all elected politicians come from the upper class and from families who have been in power since before the US decided this would be a good spot to set up a naval base? (The fact it was inhabited put only a temporary damper on their bomb testing.) Alas, this is really nothing but a rant of desperation and frustration. Puerto Rico, the beautiful tropical island that made the first explorers in the American continent declare it Heaven on earth, will soon be focusing all its energies and hopes in electing a new governor (or the son of an old one) that will save them from themselves.


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