In all honesty I have always looked down on people who watch reality TV and even more on those who allow their lives to be taped and shared with the world, especially when their life decisiones are less than admirable. However, I have recently started to listen to podcasts and many of them refer to celebrities and reality tv shows. Needless to say, I am always lot when these references come up so the punchlines go over my head. In order to remedy this I have begun watching Vanderpump Rules. I thought only to watch the first episode to put a face on the names of the characters which are often mentioned on The Bitch Bible. I confess that I ended up binge-watching the entire first season in one day (yesterday) whilst drinking an entire bottle of wine and getting my hair done (I hate salons so I have my hair stylist come to my house; we can reflect on my anti-social behavior later on). With just one episode I became absolutely fascinated with the ridiculous lives of these waitresses and bartenders who have an inane ability to blow absolutely everything out of proportion. Example: “You rubbed suntan lotion on my boyfriend? Then I’ll fucking kill you!” It’s completely insane and insanely entertaining. This last year has been a complete and total drag for me; sucking on every front. My graduate courses are much more time-consuming than I had planned and having two jobs, a new company, and trying to write all at the same time is not easy. Not to mention my far-from-perfect relationship of three and a half years with a foundation that’s as solid as quicksand. Anyway, watching this series really makes me feel like my life is not as horrible as I believe it is and my insanity is actually quite sane. Facebook stalk my boyfriend? Totally ok, because at least I don’t send threatening texts to the girls he friends even if they are total skanks. No, compared to these waitresses/aspiring-(insert some kind of artist) I have my shit together. We are the same level of broke, but I do not have to wear a skimpy dress all day long while serving societies leeches (the upper class). Also, the things I write and publish actually contribute to making the world a better place and is based on academic research, unlike tips of putting on five tons of over-priced make-up. So, really, I apologise to all those people who love reality tv because it really provides perspective on how bad your life is not. Also, watching Stassi and Scheana (and I thought Puerto Rican women had weird-ass names) dish it out in the middle of a crowded restaurant in front of cameras makes me feel much better about my passive aggressive and sarcastic comments sent to my boyfriend in the privacy of my apartment. So Vanderpump Rules is now my guilty pleasure.


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