I would like to pause for a moment to say how much I truly love The Bitch Bible and appreciate all the much-needed Gone Girl advice that @jackieschimmel provides on a weekly basis. Her weekly podcasts are one of the few high points of my never-ending work and study schedule; topped only by my nightly glass of wine and hours spent cyber-stalking my SO to ensure he really is just with “the guys” at “some new bar” in “the city”. If I had more free time I would definitely implement the great tips she shared on this week’s podcast. iTunes password? How did I not think of that? I truly pride myself on my unhealthy ability to hack into anyone’s social media and e-mail accounts, but Jackie and her guest this week (sorry, really do not watch Vanderpump Rules though maybe I should start) proved to me that I am just a beginner in the world of Gone Girl. Just like her, I fall short of actually murdering someone, but I am addicted to know “the Truth”. I suggest everyone start listening to the Bitch Bible asap.


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