Late 20s

In a few days I’ll be one step closer into official adulthood, at least age-wise in my mind. Soon I turn 26, thus ending my time as a “young adult” or “care-free student” and pass into the “burdened adult” and “professional student” categories, which suck and I definitely do not at all think I fit into those groups. Despite actually having two respectable part-time jobs in offices and running a small company whilst studying full-time, I feel far from being an adult. It might be because I still enjoy stupid fantasy novels, instead of culture literature (though enjoy it, just not as much as a mediocre YA dystopian series) and drinking too much for my own good. Nevertheless, I confess that I have made a few strides into the realm of adults; I drink wine that comes from a bottle in an actual wine glass which I purchased, in a set. I have credit cards and know my credit score (not sharing because you definitely don’t want to know). I pay all my bills on time (ok, most of them but I’m never late on rent and utilities) and I only call in sick twice a year when I’m hungover. On my desktop I have sticky notes reminding me of all my debts with a small budget and I have a real agenda where I write down the due dates of all my bills and school assignments. I own up to my bad behavior and anti-social attitude instead of making excuses and blaming my parents. I got over my mommy and daddy issues, mostly (I mean, it was a bit of a fucked-up middle class childhood and therapy can only do so much and I’ve only been twice). My plans extend past my next meal and my long-term goals are realistic. I have chosen two possible achievable career paths and have a back-up plan. And I have a savings account I have not yet dipped into (mainly because there’s barely anything in there).

A lot of my friends still live at home and barely make minimum wage at retail jobs while they keep switching majors or are just completed their bachelor’s degree. Hardly any of them have plans beyond earning more or the same as their parents did. Still, I am definitely not adulting. I spend more than I make because I am a true capitalist child who wants to look like I earn at least twice as more than I do. I binge watch Netflix instead of patiently and responsibly plowing through the mountain of work at my desk, so I’m technically getting paid for sitting in my PJs doing nothing. If I can get away with half-assing at something, I do. So, as I leave my early twenties behind I have to confess that I feel very unaccomplished. I’d like to say that I am committed to trying harder, like actually completing the work I am being paid to do and beginning my research when the semester starts instead of a week before the final paper is due, but I’m pretty sure I won’t keep that promise to myself. Even now, Netflix calls….


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